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  • From: Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 11:22:41 +1100

Marco Presi wrote:
However, among all the monitors I have taken in consideration (also LCD)
I never found a monitor which allows to modify the RGB offset in order
to perform the calibration with argyll. How cirtical is this point?

I'm sure there are various guides on the web to choosing a monitor
that would be useful. Any article that explains the different
characteristics of the panel technology is probably a good
lead (ie. look for LCD + IPS + PVA).

The black characteristics of an LCD are pretty much fixed by
the nature of the pixels when they are off (blocking light), and
the backlight. The black level will change as the backlight
level is changed, but one of the things about an LCD is that the
color of the black (the black point) is often slightly different
to the color of the white point (ie. the "off" state of the pixels
is not a neutral filter).

A very few displays have a RGB LED backlights, and these permit
modifying the white point of the display directly, and this will
probably alter the black point as well.

Which are the most critical parameters to take in consideration while
choosing a monitor?

In my opinion:

 Black level
 Viewing angle
 Dead Pixels

and you need to put screen size and cost in there somewhere :-)

There are many other details that will be important for some

 In monitor LUTs > 8 bit
 Calibration software & instrument

Graeme Gill.

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