[argyllcms] Re: GPLin 0.0.1-pre6 - and linearization in general

  • From: Roger <graxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 10:38:55 -0400

Hi Alastair,

Always interested in playing with new color tools. Alas! I'm on Windows :(

Best / Roger

> Hi,
> In case anyone's interested in playing with it, I've just made a new
> pre-release of GPLin.
> This version uses the ink limiting method suggested by Graeme a few
> weeks ago, evaluating the hue deviation that occurs as the paper
> becomes
> saturated.
> For the black channel, I measure dL* / dInput for the Cyan channel at
> its ink limit, then find a corresponding dL* / dInput for the black
> channel (after scaling to take into account the difference in L* range
> for the two channels).
> BTW, Graeme, are you any closer to defining a file format for
> linearization curves, so that targen can take them into account and
> thus
> be less conservative in terms of ink limit when sampling CMYK spaces?
> If anyone's interested in taking a look, GPLin can be found here:
> http://blackfiveimaging.co.uk/index.php?article=02Software%2F03GPLin
> All the best,
> --
> Alastair M. Robinson

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