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  • Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 16:17:04 +0100

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Hello, Martin (main mutant) and
other hopeful monsters
from all the Worlds

I downloaded NKS Explorer last week, but unfortunately the
program don?t run without Mathematica :-(

Here is my handout for RULE110 as attached file *.doc

I know yet two useful books about the real selfish DNA and
biological evolution.

Mobile DNA II ? Nancy L. Craig, Robert Craigie, Martin
Gellert, Alan Lambowitz (Editors), Amer Society for
Microbiology, 2002

The Major Transitions in Evolution ? John Maynard Smith,
Eors Szathmary, Smith Maynard, John Maynard-Smith, Oxford
University Press, 1998

See web-page http://obolab.euro.ru/mylink.htm

My T-shirt for workshop :)
First side: I hope you haven?t HIV?
Back side: Rule110, Bielefeld 2004, :))

See you later,


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Sorry, the attachment was removed because of its large size.
The mailinglist is currently limiting attachments to a size of 200 KB.
This was done to reduce traffic, and to make people with slow modems happy :)
But we will include all handouts in the AMHSO folder and make them
available on the rule110 website.

Thanks for your help! could you send the handout once more to
info@xxxxxxxxxxx ? thanks!

Cheers Martin

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