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Okay, figured I'd give you all an update! The hats are currently running, about 
8 minutes each (800 spm, 5,000 stitches)
Hat is Sanmar PWU, unstructured, low brow.
Here's what I did...thanks to 'the Hawaii'n Connection' :-) I grabbed our 
little Oreck Steamer and before I hoop the hat, I steam until moist the center 
seam and the hat brim seam...saw a big difference in hooping it with the 
material flatter towards the brim. Reset thread feed to 40/105/mat. thickness 5 
(thanks Herb) and ran off 3 hats, also went into the design and where the 
lettering 'columns' (not type, built it with columns) reset pull comp to 120 
and changed density to 6.5, anything off the seam is 110 and 6.
The little fill areas down the seam (jeep design) made any fill minimum of 6.5, 
where it went over another fill, 7.5.
Ran off the first couple hats and they were okay, still a little thread break 
(1 or 2). Then I went to write down these settings and realized...don't know 
how it happened-suto setting was OFF and it had been running at 'standard' 
setting of 8 for the whole time yesterday! We NEVER put it on standard-always 
auto...so who knows what little irish gremlin is in the shop when we aren't...
reset it to auto...and the hat behind me is just a cranking along by itself! 
Not one break...I even (gasp!) have my back to the Amaya while I'm typing!
Whoopee! Thanks everyone...and from now one, I check the auto setting-and will 
be steaming the cap fronts. It did make a difference!


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