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We tape the backing to the clamp first and then slide the garment  into place. 
We also have placed some tape on the upper frame of the clamp and then measured 
and marked some index points on both sides and the top and bottom to help in 
lining up the garment. Yep, this means placing some line up marks on the 
garment too.....

We also use extra clips around the outside edge of the frames for extra holding 
power. Make sure that any type of clip, clamps or whatever , is being used, 
will not come in contact with any part of the machine while doing a trace or 
during sewing.....

Becareful of the toggle lever, the one that pulls the clamps together to hold 
the garment. ALWAYS, make sure this is in the down position while sewing, doing 
a trace or when the clamp is not in use, etc..... failure to do so will cause 
the lever to come into contact, at some point, with the back side of the needle 
case and will dislodge the needle cse, dropping one or all of the needle 

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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