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Improper material thickness settings will cause problems as you describe.
If stitching is too tight it pulls material together causing lines not to
match, wrinkles around design, etc.  Increase material thickness as high as
you can without causing other problems such as loose stitches or thread
breaks.  No backing or backing loose in hoop can also cause problems.
It sometimes will be necessary to have your fill stitches overlap to give
desired look.

Tony Glass
Amaya Tech &

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Welcome to the group...
And love the name of the business....
Make sure you have a good underlay... And do you have a satin around the
edge to clean it up?
As for Design Shop  Janel Harris is top notch on that and is part of this
group but also runs a eds/design shop group too..
A Golden Stitch
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Kathie and I am new to the Amaya user group.  My tiny little
business is called Embroidery Magic.  (Something my son picked out)  I have
always wanted to do embroidery and have my own business, so after the last
place I worked at closed, and I got another job that I hate with all my
heart, I decided to go for it.  So here I am.  I just received my
replacement Amaya.  ( the last one had mechanical problems) and I am ready
to go.  But like with all new ventures,  I have problems and lots of
questions that I need help with.

Right now I have a digitizing dilemma that I am hoping that someone can help
me with.  I have the Design Shop Pro ( was EDS IV) and I have digitized a
logo for a local fishing shop.  On screen it comes out great.  I even was
able to do a 3 color gradient fill.  But when I sew it out the outline does
not go where it is suppose to go. I have tried different pull compensations
and it does not seem to work.  Any Suggestions?

Embroidery Magic

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