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As far as number 2 goes, I have the full version of Adobe and save all my 
designs in a PDF format so I can print or email them easily.

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OOH YES!!  I like #4 and #5!!
Also, another one that would go with #4, If I have to redo a section after it’s 
been out of the hoop, or someone wants something added and it’s a really hard 
item to hoop, when you get it hooped the plus sign laser could show how close 
we are and maybe be able to turn the design in OS so many degrees to sew out in 
the right spot.  OR can that already be done and I don’t know about it???

Michele Zimmer
Carefree Creations

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Here's my 2¢ worth!

Does melco have a wish list of any type?  Where customers can send in what they 
wish the programs could do??
I have a couple.

Command to lock stitches when restarting after a thread break. 
                        or make it 'automatic' to back up a couple stitches for 
the tie in

When printing a design, show the location the file is saved, like in excel or 
Would like to be able to view the project listing in a lot larger size than are 
            4. a 'centering' laser light-with horizontal and vertical lines, to 
show better

alignment when hooping a new item. Same idea radial arm saws have now with just

one line-for lining up wood cuts.


            5. clear polycarb 'cover' to go over the thread cones-to keep them 
clean, prevent

hot air furnaces from unwinding the thread on the cones, etc.

I know there is a couple more, but those are the only ones I can think of off 
the top of my head.

Michele Zimmer
Carefree Creations

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