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Thank you for the information!  It sounds like I need to play with it and
see what works best.  


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Hi Barbara,

I use the Magnetic bobbins almost exclusively. I also use the Auto-Acti-feed
as well. I have found through trial and error, that running the bobbin
tension on the tight side ( about 1/2 inch to 1 inch) drop with a short
shake of the bobbin works for me. One thing I have heard that some people do
with the magnetic bobbin is get it in the bobbin case backwards. The magnet
goes inside the bobbin case. If you get the magnet facing out, they don't
work and the bobbin thread won't spool correctly and cause all kinds of

I am using a January 2003 vintage Amaya.

Hope this helps.


Doug Parker
JTB Embroidery Services, Inc.
Denver, CO

On 4/13/06 08:40, "Avalon Embroidery & Apparel" <avalonembroidery@xxxxxxx>

> Hi!  I was wondering if someone could tell me how to use a magnetic
> I tried one yesterday and the bobbin thread kept breaking when I tried to
> sew.  How should I set the tension on the bobbin case?   I am guessing
> was the problem, that I didn't have it (the tension) adjusted correctly.
> Should there be no tension set at all?
> Barbara
> Avalon Embroidery
> San Diego

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