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Speaking of Warranties:

Am I the only one that this happened to...

I traded in my old Amaya for the new XT because according to my sales rep, it 
would be cheaper for me to buy an XT with a 5 year warranty than to pay for the 
extended warranty on my old machine for 5 years.

I was told that the 5 year warranty included parts and labor 100% and the 
travel fee for the tech in my area is $25 - $35.

Now I am being told from Melco that my 5 year warranty really isn't a 5 year 
warranty and it's about to expire!! And, if I need a service call, the trip 
charge is not $35 --- it's more like $150.

Did I miss something here? What were you told about your XT warranty? Feedback 

That old saying is starting to make sense to me now ---

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"


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