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I use the applique method but I glue the fabric to a hooped pc. of backing, 
then sew the design and running outline stitch and then trim.

When possible if you use heavy tearaway backing this keeps from having to cut 
away the patch.
On patches that you use cutaway on and patches that are hard to cut around I 
use a SHARP Exacto Knife to cut.

On all cutaway and tearaway patches you will have the white (if you use white 
backing) backing showing white around the outside edges. What I do is use a 
wide felt tip permanent marker the same color as the border and go all around 
the patch to hide the white from showing.

Whenever you can use black border and black backing for this works much better.

After I do the running outline stitch I remove the hoop and trim off any extra 
material from outside the running stitch. I then spray glue another pc. of 
backing under the hooped patch, then put on machine and sew the satin stitch.
This hides all the backing thread that is on the patch.

I put all my patches under a heat press for one minute. This makes them nice 
and smooth and if any loose threads are on the patch it packs them down flat.



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