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Not to worry...no embroidery on a leather vest required!

You'll need a running outline stitch in the outline shape of your patch. It 
needs to be just a VERY TINY BIT smaller than your patch -- maybe one or two 
thread widths, but no more. 

Hoop a piece of fabric and backing, and sew the outline.

Stop machine.

Remove fabric.


Hoop backing.

Sew running outline stitch.  It should be included with your patch design as 
the first color.

Stop machine.

Use sticky spray to adhere the black, cut-out fabric to the backing exactly 
over the running outline stitch of the patch shape.

The next thing your machine should do is the tackdown stitch.  I sew mine at a 
density of 25.  It seems to help eliminate the edge curl.

Then it does the edges.

Then it does the patch.

If you have a really really big patch and are worried the backing will pull 
away from the eding before it's done.  You can do this kind of in reverse.  

By that I mean:

Do all of the interior stitching on the patch first.

Do the running outline stitch next.

Stop machine, unhoop and cut.

Hoop new backing, do running outline, spray and place patch, then do outline 
stitch and remove.



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