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  • Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 13:28:58 -0500


How often are you changing the thread feed rollers & how much do they cost? 
I, too, run with the bobbin detect on and have very little problem with it. 
I know I am not doing the volume that you are, but wouldn't mind having a 
heads up on the rollers and when to expect to change them.

Connie Bechtel
Wyvern Productions

At 04:51 PM 11/28/03, you wrote:
>To fix your material thickness problem you need to go into settings and then
>settings by color.  The setting by color box needs to be unchecked.  After
>unchecking the box you probably want to save the design so the next time you
>open the design you will not have this problem.  This should not happen with
>any new designs you setup, just older ones setup on earlier software
>As far as the false bobbin breaks I run my machines with the detect on
>(unless sewing caps) and do not have any problems.  If I get 2 or 3 false
>bobbin detects on a certain needle number I check the thread feed roller.
>After time they tend to get a groove in them (Melco is working on figuring
>this out) which causes the machine to let thread slide through.  I keep lots
>of rollers (Part #30615-01) on hand.  I have had to change 3 today.
>Sometimes they wear faster than others.  I think it depends on several
>things such as bobbin too tight, thread getting caught and pulling on the
>wheel too much, too low of Material thickness setting,and general wear
>(probably more that I can't think of right now).  I know the kit that comes
>with the AMAYA has 2 spare rollers in it.
>As far as finding John Banks his name is actually Jeff Banks and anyone at
>Melco can be e-mailed by putting the first letter of their first name and
>their full last name with @melco.com, so he can be reached at
>jbanks@xxxxxxxxx if you ever need to talk to him directly.
>Hope this helps.  If you have more questions let me know.  You can call me
>at 1-888-494-9035 if you would like.  I will be working until 5 PST today.
>Aaron Sargent
>The Linen Barn
>Medford, OR

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