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I wish I had a simple answer for you.  Sometimes a roller will last several
months and sometimes I have changed the same one twice in a day (heavy fill
designs).  Between my 3 AMAYA's I put around 1 million stitches a day on
them.  My best recommendation is if you get more than 2 false bobbin detects
on the same needle you may want to replace the roller.  Before replacing
look at the rubber to make sure there is a groove forming in it.  I think
the rollers are around $1.70 but since they are in the phases of fixing this
problem you can order them as Warranty items for now.  I (since I have 3
machines) order 30 or 40 at a time and when I get down to 10 I re-order
more.  I have no idea if they are still warrantying(sp?) them but even if it
cost me $30 a month in rollers I would pay it to keep my machines running.
I got so hammered for the Christmas season this year I had to hire 2 part
time employees and have been working 6-7 days a week, so these AMAYA's are
seeing lots of hours (I did 8 70k stitch full back logos on 1 of my AMAYA's
just yesterday with 3 thread breaks at 1200 SPM).

I hope this helps a little at least.  At least if you are getting lots of
false bobbin detects you know one place to check.  It seems to me like 8 out
of 10 times my false bobbin detects are roller related.  Sometimes it is
from the bobbin catching up or just something weird happening that you cant

Aaron Sargent
The Linen Barn
Medford, OR
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> Aaron,
> How often are you changing the thread feed rollers & how much do they
> I, too, run with the bobbin detect on and have very little problem with
> I know I am not doing the volume that you are, but wouldn't mind having a
> heads up on the rollers and when to expect to change them.
> Connie Bechtel
> Wyvern Productions
> At 04:51 PM 11/28/03, you wrote:
> >To fix your material thickness problem you need to go into settings and
> >settings by color.  The setting by color box needs to be unchecked.
> >unchecking the box you probably want to save the design so the next time
> >open the design you will not have this problem.  This should not happen
> >any new designs you setup, just older ones setup on earlier software
> >versions.
> >
> >As far as the false bobbin breaks I run my machines with the detect on
> >(unless sewing caps) and do not have any problems.  If I get 2 or 3 false
> >bobbin detects on a certain needle number I check the thread feed roller.
> >After time they tend to get a groove in them (Melco is working on
> >this out) which causes the machine to let thread slide through.  I keep
> >of rollers (Part #30615-01) on hand.  I have had to change 3 today.
> >Sometimes they wear faster than others.  I think it depends on several
> >things such as bobbin too tight, thread getting caught and pulling on the
> >wheel too much, too low of Material thickness setting,and general wear
> >(probably more that I can't think of right now).  I know the kit that
> >with the AMAYA has 2 spare rollers in it.
> >
> >As far as finding John Banks his name is actually Jeff Banks and anyone
> >Melco can be e-mailed by putting the first letter of their first name and
> >their full last name with @melco.com, so he can be reached at
> >jbanks@xxxxxxxxx if you ever need to talk to him directly.
> >
> >Hope this helps.  If you have more questions let me know.  You can call
> >at 1-888-494-9035 if you would like.  I will be working until 5 PST
> >
> >
> >Aaron Sargent
> >The Linen Barn
> >linen@xxxxxxxxxxx
> >Medford, OR
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