[amayausers] Re: Metallic thread

  • From: OnleeJudy@xxxxxxx
  • To: amayausers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 15:59:32 EDT

The other part of the equation is:
What type of metallic thread; and
How old is it?
I have been known to go up to a size 14 for metallic.  I can't  remember if I 
was ever able to find any metallic thread needles, which have a  larger eye.
ALSO, try loosening your tension a wee bit.  Metallic thread is VERY  
If it's shredding, tension is too lose.
If it's snapping clean, tension is too tight.
(tension is also known as thread feed/material feed,  etc)


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