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The DS program can open almost any embroidery file.  When I buy a design, 
especially a big design with many color changes, I usually just buy pes so that 
I don't have to have another file with the color list.  They run fine.  This is 
true for DS V7 and V9.  But your question was can you open it up and looks at 
the structure. The answer is usually no.  It all looks like one huge element 
per color.  It is difficult to change sizes or change anything because it will 
not add or subtract stitches. 

Dakota Collectibles  has the ofm format.  But even there you may not get a 
"native" ofm format,  But, I believe all their new designs are "native" ofm - 
that is they have actually been digitized in DS.  But all their old designs 
have been converted from whatever to ofm.  I mostly digitize my own stuff and 
thereby avoid all these problems.  But I do buy way too many designs!  Just 
can't halp myself!

Juli  in Kona


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