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Not having seen your machine, I can only take a guess.  I'm thinking your color 
change files on the machine may have become corrupt.

Personally, I would want to ask you several questions first but I have to get 
on the road today.  However, you can try clicking on "Maintenance", 
"Calibration", and then "Get Table".  Follow the prompts by clicking "okay".
Then click on the tab "Steppers" and in the column for color change, click on 

Know this!!  Don't jack around with the other buttons on this page as you might 
just set yourself up for a service call from a tech.  Of course you might 
already be there at this point.
It wouldn't hurt to check in with Melco's tech support or call your local tech 
so they know what's going on in case your issues run deeper.

Melco Tech


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