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And now a word from one of the newer guys,,, I have had my AMAYA XT for about a 
month now, (started 2 years ago with a Babylock EMP6).  Just started to get 
into a large order of constructed "fitted" hats and found out a few things. 1) 
I too was getting the marks on the outer side of the bill due to the bill 
making contact with the needle bar. I use the new Amaya WACF. To solve this 
problem I cut a piece of mesh type backing to fit the bill of the cap and 
lightly spray adheasive on it to tack it to the bill and also make sure that 
the top bill clamp has a grip on it too. After a few uses there is no need for 
the spray and will stick by itself.  No more marks!  2) The brand of fitted cap 
I am using has a couple of stitches tacking the side sweat bands to the cap. I 
am doing a 270 degree design on them.  If the stiches are not cut the design 
will appear as to be sewn uphill on the side pannels.  Keep this in mind any 
time doing anything besides just front designs. Of course unde
 rlay and stitching from the middle out is just as imporant.   God I love this 
machine,,,,and this support group!

Embroidery Works by Ralph

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