[adaptech] jfw scripts beta test team!

  • From: Shane Charles Andrew Davidson Lush <sca.lush@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <adaptech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 19:38:40 -0400

Good day to all.
I am just informing you all that I am going to be starting a beta test team for 
jaws for windows scripts.
These scripts I have written myself, or have modified to make other functions 
of a program accessible.
Some of my recent work includes:
creating some basic scripts for the absolute ftp ftp client.
These scripts allow for access to some basic dialogues with one keystroke per 
The dialogues that I have currently givin keystrokes include:
the connect dialogue.
the quick connect dialogue.
Some other things in the scripts are the ability to disconnect from a given 
server with one keystroke.
The last thing I have incorporated into version 1.0 is the ability to reconnect 
 to a server with one keystroke.
I am also in the process of creating some very complex scripts for the echo 
link program.
If you are interested in testing these scripts, or helping me come up with knew 
features, contact me either by msn, via offlist
email or by sending me email on the list.
If there is enough interest, I will put the scripts on my ftp server for those 
who have an account to get the latest version.

I hope that you all will help me in this endeavour to create scripts that will 
make off the shelf applications accessible and fun
for those of us who are blind and who use JFW.
Sorry window eyes users, I am not yet that fluint in set file creation to do 
anything at this time, but once I am, look out!
Hope to hear from you all.

Shane C.A. Lush
President and CEO
S.C.A.L. Adaptive Technologies
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