[adaptech] RAC in Canada and the CNIB!

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  • Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 14:41:55 -0500

Hello to all.
Hear in canada we have what we call the CNIB, the canadian national
institute for the blind.
I have just received a message from the charmen of the board of the CNIB
amateur radio program regarding RAC, radio amateurs of canada.
RAC is the same as ARRL or the FCC. in the U.S. actually the FCC is like the
CRTC in canada.
Anyways I thought this might interest some members.
Send your comments to this list.
Shane Charles Andrew Davidson Lush
S.C.A.L. Adaptive Technologies.
P.S. some spelling has been corrected in this forward.
Begin forward...
Subject: Our Relations with Radio Amateurs of Canada(RAC)

Recall I am Chairman of the CNIB Amateur Radio Program

You are one of our members

Our relations with RAC has been reasonable but it needs work and I would
like some help from you to help us, the leadership of the Program, decide
what to recommend to RAC.

Historically the blind have had a reduced membership fee of $20 available to
you. There are few such members. only about 30 across Canada. I am not going
to get into a long discussion of the value of RAC but it is our natinal
organization that enhances our hobby and helps defend the frequencies
allocated to the Amateur Radio service. We need RAC and they deserve our

We all enjoy saving money but I have seen a shift in thinking over tha last
few years. We, the blind, are less interested in reduced prices but more
interested in access to information. It has been suggested to us that
perhaps it is time to delete the $20 reduced fee in favour of a single RAC
membership fee of about $40 but each of us get the magazine in the format we
want large print, audio or electronic in our computers.

I would appreciate your spending some time thinking of this and answering
the questions that follow my signature. If you want to discuss further write
or call me or Randy at 416 480 7400 X7438.

Please reply to me at either the rogers.com or the rac.ca addresses

George Fanjoy VE3PEB
Chairman CNIB Amateur Radio Program
Toronto 416 207 0797


1. Do you now receive The Canadian Amateur (TCA), the magazine of Radio
Amateurs of Canada (RAC)?

2. Do you read it? In what format? To what extent do you read it?

3. Is TCA of value to you in any way? If so what value?

4. Do you see RAC as a useful organization for you? If not how could it
become useful?

5. Are you a member of RAC? If so at $20 or $40?

6. If not: What would be needed fo you to join?

7. You are aware that a reduced membership fee, $20 without the magazine, is
available to the blind.  The regular membership is about $40 per year with
the magazine. It has been suggested to us that the blind do not want reduced
prices, they want access. Would you support a single membership fee probably
in the $40 range and you get the magazine in the format you want eg large
print, audio cassette or CD or electronic format in your computer?

8. Expand on your reasons.

9. Do you have any comments that would help us, the Amateur Radio Program,
establish what our recommendation to RAC should be?

End forward...

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