[adaptech] Re: RAC in Canada and the CNIB!

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interesting. hey im me on aim for my new msn address, shane.
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Subject: [adaptech] RAC in Canada and the CNIB!

> Hello to all.
> Hear in canada we have what we call the CNIB, the canadian national
> institute for the blind.
> I have just received a message from the charmen of the board of the CNIB
> amateur radio program regarding RAC, radio amateurs of canada.
> RAC is the same as ARRL or the FCC. in the U.S. actually the FCC is like
> CRTC in canada.
> Anyways I thought this might interest some members.
> Send your comments to this list.
> adaptech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Enjoy!
> Shane Charles Andrew Davidson Lush
> S.C.A.L. Adaptive Technologies.
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> http://va3duk.servehttp.com
> or
> http://va3duk.va3aum.com
> P.S. some spelling has been corrected in this forward.
> Begin forward...
> Subject: Our Relations with Radio Amateurs of Canada(RAC)
> Recall I am Chairman of the CNIB Amateur Radio Program
> You are one of our members
> Our relations with RAC has been reasonable but it needs work and I would
> like some help from you to help us, the leadership of the Program, decide
> what to recommend to RAC.
> Historically the blind have had a reduced membership fee of $20 available
> you. There are few such members. only about 30 across Canada. I am not
> to get into a long discussion of the value of RAC but it is our natinal
> organization that enhances our hobby and helps defend the frequencies
> allocated to the Amateur Radio service. We need RAC and they deserve our
> support.
> We all enjoy saving money but I have seen a shift in thinking over tha
> few years. We, the blind, are less interested in reduced prices but more
> interested in access to information. It has been suggested to us that
> perhaps it is time to delete the $20 reduced fee in favour of a single RAC
> membership fee of about $40 but each of us get the magazine in the format
> want large print, audio or electronic in our computers.
> I would appreciate your spending some time thinking of this and answering
> the questions that follow my signature. If you want to discuss further
> or call me or Randy at 416 480 7400 X7438.
> Please reply to me at either the rogers.com or the rac.ca addresses
> George Fanjoy VE3PEB
> Chairman CNIB Amateur Radio Program
> Toronto 416 207 0797
> ve3peb@xxxxxx
> Questions:
> 1. Do you now receive The Canadian Amateur (TCA), the magazine of Radio
> Amateurs of Canada (RAC)?
> 2. Do you read it? In what format? To what extent do you read it?
> 3. Is TCA of value to you in any way? If so what value?
> 4. Do you see RAC as a useful organization for you? If not how could it
> become useful?
> 5. Are you a member of RAC? If so at $20 or $40?
> 6. If not: What would be needed fo you to join?
> 7. You are aware that a reduced membership fee, $20 without the magazine,
> available to the blind.  The regular membership is about $40 per year with
> the magazine. It has been suggested to us that the blind do not want
> prices, they want access. Would you support a single membership fee
> in the $40 range and you get the magazine in the format you want eg large
> print, audio cassette or CD or electronic format in your computer?
> 8. Expand on your reasons.
> 9. Do you have any comments that would help us, the Amateur Radio Program,
> establish what our recommendation to RAC should be?
> End forward...

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