[aces-caeeg-board] FW: ACES Handbook 2011-2012 ad contract renewal

  • From: Neil McPherson <Neil.McPherson@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2010 10:25:07 -0300



Here is something I'm adding to the list for our first meeting.  We will
need to decide as an organization if we want to continue with CU advertising
or if we want to look elsewhere.


I'm forwarding all the documentation that was sent to me and I'll include a
little bit of my own 2 cents.


Having read the contracts and history, although I don't think getting 50% of
the ad revenue is great, it's certainly one less thing we have to do.  CU
advertising already has a standing arrangement with Friesens, who we are in
debt to, so this is also one less thing we have to worry about.  I spoke
with Kaylee Shannon, (President for Dalhousie Sexton's Eng Soc) and she said
they are a great company to work with as they just filled out a handbook
template, and the printer and CU takes care of everything else.  I believe
she mentioned that DSEUS made about $2000 from their handbook deal.


If we can find a company that would give us a higher cut of the profit, that
would be great, but that doesn't guarantee more money.  The reputation that
CU has for this sort of thing does seem quite impressive, but I would like
everyone's thoughts on it.




You will be the one working with this more than the rest of us, so I would
like your opinion on the matter.




You said you might be able to find a company that would give us more profit.
If so, can you send the details to us and let us know?




From: Sophie Zivontsis [mailto:sophie@xxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: November 2, 2010 7:28 PM
To: neil.mcpherson@xxxxxx
Subject: RE: ACES Handbook 2011-2012 ad contract renewal


Hello Neil, 

My name is Sophie Zivontsis and I am contacting you for C U Advertising. We
are a representative agency that handles the ACES regional handbook
advertising. This past year my contact was  Jill Henderson - a great
pleasure to work with! As I do not currently have a phone number that I
could reach you at personally, I was hoping that you could please call me at
1-866-362-3331 when you had a moment free. I'd like to introduce myself and
explain a little bit about our company to you.

We also handle the yearbook advertising for the Dalhousie Sexton
Engineering students as well. My contact is Kaylee Shannon. I have also
included a list, attached, of the engineering related publications that we
represent in Canada, on a society level. 

I am anxious to renew our advertising contract for the 2011-2012 ACES
Regional Handbook and would like to work ahead of schedule this year in
order to have the administrative process in order this year, before we even
begin our research again. Ideally we like to have six months to fully handle
a campaign from start to finish. This year I was also hoping to start the
campaign sooner, for additional ad sales. 

I have attached some information here for you regarding our organization, so
that you will be more familiar, before we speak. If you have any questions
at all, please let me know as I would be glad to go over things with you. If
email works better for you then that is fine for now as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you again for your attention
to this request.


Sophie Zivontsis
Vice President
C U Advertising
p. 1-866-362-3331
d. 1-866-556-0418

8185 Yonge Street
Suite # 212
Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6

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