[accesscomp] Re: jaws and win7 configuration question

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Don't you have to have the  32 or 64 JFW version  installed for these

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There are quite a few podcasts availible from places such as Blind Geek Zone
and Blind Cool Tech for guiding you through Windows 7 with JAWS.  As for
Office 2010, I think some people produced tutorial on using JAWS with it.
As for general Windows 7 settings, try setting the Windows theme to Classic
or AERO Basic and see what happens.
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Subject: [accesscomp] jaws and win7 configuration question

Hi all,
does anyone has any configuration suggestion for maximum performance for
jaws10 and jaws12 with windows7 32 and 64 bit platform? Perhaps you can
point me to some resources such as podcast or other material?
Navigation with jaws10 and win7 with this box of mine hasn't been as
desirous to say the least.  Perhaps with a little tweaking will make surfing
more to my liking...
In addition, I also need resources for using jaws 10 and 12 with office 2010
if possible...
Thanks much...

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