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Please excuse the cross-post as I wanted to get the word out.  This project 
looks like it will be funded on Kick Starter, but it won’t be cheap.  Retail 
the price will be $189.  


Sound Band, The Wireless Speakerless Headset
Stanley Goodner

Sound Band Logo
Manufacturers of over-the-ear and in-ear headphones have the daunting task of 
delivering quality sound in a package that is comfortable to wear. Who’s
going to wear something if it bugs them or causes aches?

Unfortunately, everyone can’t be pleased all the time, but what option does 
that leave for those who want to listen to their jams comfortably and privately?

Sound Band headphones surface sound
If you’re tired of uncomfortable ear buds, you might be interested in the new 
Sound Band, a wireless and speakerless headset.

Sound Band lets you listen to your music while having your ears unblocked to 
the world.

Sound Band employs surface sound technology to deliver sound to both ears while 
providing and entirely new listening experience. The project has been through
years of prototypes, improvements, and testing. The team received an 
Innovations Design and Engineering Award at the 2010 International Consumer 
Show in Las Vegas, proving they were on the right track with the concept.

Sound Band headphones
Version 4.0 is ready for production. The Sound Band now features amazing audio 
in a slim, comfortable, behind-the-ear design.

It’s also equipped with dual multi-directional microphones with noise-reduction 
and echo-cancellation technologies. The controls are specifically designed
to be intuitive while providing balance and comfort while wearing.

Sound Band can work for you while driving, listening to music, playing games, 
and more. The headset uses Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to 
devices. It will be compatible with Apple and Android products with BlackBerry 
and Windows joining the list once their funding goal has been met.

Visit the 
Sound Band Kickstarter page
for additional details and to back the project to get one before everyone else.

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