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How To: Glue This to That (Website of the Week)

by rhiannon

Find the right glue to use when you need to bond one surface to another. Paper 
is easy to glue to lots of surfaces, but metal to metal? What do you use to 
glue ceramic, fabric, glass, leather, metal, plastic, rubber, styrofoam, vinyl 
and wood to each other or something else? This site tells you, and it's dead 
simple to use - use the "attach" dropdown menu to pick one surface, and the 
"to" dropdown menu to pick another, click "Let's Glue" and the right glue(s) 
are displayed. :)

Visit "This to That" at




Verse and Thought of the week

Isaiah 7:9
"If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all." (ESV) 

This week's Inspiring Thought: Firm in Faith

With Isaiah's exquisite mastery of the Hebrew language, he formed a skillful 
play on words here similar to: "With faith that is not sure, your life shall be 
insecure." Literally, Isaiah was telling King Ahaz, if you don't believe firmly 
in God, you and your kingdom will not be securely established. The prophet's 
message was "with unbelief comes instability." 

Not trusting in God will destabilize our lives. Our salvation and security come 
from God alone. 

What are you trusting in today? Your job? Your paycheck? Your health? Your 
reputation? Your intelligence? Your relationships? Your retirement fund? Or, 
are you firmly and exclusively established in your faith in God? 


Prayer: "Heavenly Father, form in me the likeness of your Son Jesus that I may 
imitate him in word and deed. Help me to live the gospel faithfully and give me 
the strength and courage I need to not shrink back in the face of hardship and 
temptation.. In the name of our Savior, Your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen!



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