[accesscomp] Re: Removing Mero 8 demo

  • From: "Gene" <gsasner@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 16:12:48 -0600

How long has the demo been on your machine? You may be able to remove it by downloading and running an uninstallation tool from the Norton website. I know almost nothing about the tool except that, at some point, you need to solve a captcha. I don't know if this is before you download it or when you run it. If the demo has not been on your machine long and if you haven't made changes that will be difficult to do again, you may want to run a restore point as close to the time before you installed the demo as you have. You may be left with a renamed folder with some of the program files you will want to remove since it will just be taking up space but running System Restore should cause the program not to be installed and will clear all registry entries. You should be able to remove any remaining files with no problem.

If you are not aware of effects you should know about when running system Restore, you can listen to my presentation on System Restore. It teaches how to use it and explains how to guard against unwanted effects that may result from running it under certain conditions. You can download it at:

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Subject: [accesscomp] Re: Removing Mero 8 demo

Hi Gene,
Nero 8 demo will neither reinstal nor remove. The Nero installation wizard
starts to instal, but never completely does so.  Your Installer just comes
up with an error and will not complete the uninstallation.  Any other
suggestions??  regards, and thanks, Don
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Subject: [accesscomp] Re: Removing Mero 8 demo

Install the program again, then run the uninstallation. That usually solves
this sort of problem.  Also, any time you download and install a program
from the Internet, you should be sure to keep the installation file after
the program is installed.  You may need it for just such problems as this.
You cannot assume the program or the same version of the program will be
available or conveniently available in the future so keep the installation
file, as I said.

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Subject: [accesscomp] Re: Removing Mero 8 demo

Hello  do  a Google  search  for its  dell files and ask  there  on that
search  how to get  rid of it. Maybe  something  from  Microsoft  windows
or  something  might  come  up  with  the help. When  you see the error
write it down  put  it  into  Google. that  might help! or  if you got a
disk  of  Nero  that  might  help! I had that  same problem  with  my  HP
printer. I wrote the error down and did a search on Google got the help and now its fixed.! Something must be corrupt. Good luck! I wished I
can be more  help!
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 Subject: [accesscomp] Removing Mero 8 demo

 I cannot remove Nero 8 demo from the control panel despite Windows and
another removal program; Jaws says Windows needs a dll file in registration
to remove.  Help anyone?? thanks, 60-70 percent of the program is removed
and then it stops and every time I boot up, I get the sound downbeat.  Don


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