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        HumanWare Brailliant Displays


Throughout the past 20 years HumanWare has been offering some of the world's 
finest braille displays.  We've listened to our customers on what design 
features were important to them in the workplace, at school and now for use 
with mobile products. 

 The new HumanWare Brailliant display continues the tradition of high quality 
refreshable Braille devices that HumanWare strives to produce. The Brailliant 
combines high quality braille cells with the slim, light weight and stylish 
design. The new HumanWare display introduces front thumb keys for ergonomic and 
efficient navigation that has been popularized by the BrailleNote Apex, along 
with extremely responsive braille input keys.  You will learn how this new 
display increases efficiency when reading and controlling your PC,  whether you 
are connected to a  Jaws or Window Eyes screen reader. We will explain how the 
HumanWare Brailliant interacts with the different devices in these scenarios 
and you will learn how the HumanWare Brailliant's intelligent key commands will 
allow you the most efficient control over your computer without ever touching 
your QWERTY keyboard. 

Join HumanWare Technical Product Manager Greg Stilson on Tech Talk Monday 
October 24 to learn about the New Brailliant braille Display, the latest 
expansion to their braille product line.  
Presenter: Greg Stilson, HumanWare Technical Product manager
E-Mail: greg.stilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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