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You haven't recently changed broadband speeds have you? If you change broadband 
speeds it can take a few weeks for it to work out the best performance for your 
line and during that time you can have slower speeds and can even loose your 
connection briefly.


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Subject: [access-uk] Re: wireless rooters

Hi Trace,


The speed should be nothing to do with the router not being powered up.  Once 
the router is fully booted, it should be up to speed.


All the best





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This kind of connects with my plusnet problem.


A friend of mine who has a virgin media account and the same connection speed 
as I have carried out an experiment, we downloaded the same file at the same 
time from sendspace [ring tones] to see how much slower my download speed is to 
his, i it took my friend 7 minutes 21 seconds and it tooke me 28 minutes and 3 
seconds, the file was 25 megs in size.


I'd written to plusnet but had no reply so bit the bullet and went online, I 
had problems getting supernova to let me write in the edit field at first but 
with a bit of help from Mummy dearest [ my Mum] I got there, their reply says 
that my slow down is because I don't leave the rooter powered up, I know loads 
of people who don't do this and don't have this problem, can someone explain if 
this is correct or not.


also, does the computer need to be on for the rooter to be powered up as I 
often leave the power going to it but with the computer off?






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