[access-uk] Re: smart vision mobile phone from Sight and Sound

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Hi Clive

Friends of mine also attended and saw this but, as you say, the website does
not contain any information about it.

Steve Nutt also sells a new concept called Telorion.  I have spoken to Steve
at length about this, but because he is a dealer, he is unable to advertise
it on these lists.  Telorion, I understand, is a French company who have
manufactured a sort of overlay that covers half the touchscreen on a Galaxy
S3, S4 Mini, and a couple of other Android-based handsets.  This means that
the overlay will give the user the experience of using a keypad like
physical digits that were all once on the go.  Telorion has its own suite of
programs, and with the assistance of the overlay, the user is able to text
in the conventional way, surf the web, read newspapers and DAISY books, deal
with Email and use GPS.  If you wish to leave Telorion and go into Android,
this can be done without losing speech, and there is no need to reboot the
handset to get back into Telorion.

I am sure Steve would be happy to explain this more succinctly than I have
as he sells it, but suffice it to say that this is a concept which
Smartphone power users can enjoy, but is especially helpful to beginners who
want the benefits of touchscreen technology, but are not confident in using
it, or have sensitivity issues.

From what I have heard about Telorion, it leaves Georgie, another concept on
a Smartphone, for dead! I definitely can't comment though on the new phone
you have heard about Clive.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Twitter: @thebrownsplace
Skype: Thejackmate

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Hello everyone,

While listening to this month's edition of Playback magazine, I was
in the coverage of the sight village exhibition held in Glasgow last month. 
One of the interviews was with someone from sight and sound, who mentioned
briefly demonstrated a new mobile phone called smart vision.  He said this
a specially designed phone with a physical traditional phone keypad and 
touchscreen, so you can enter information on the keypad and also use the 
screen.  It is a fully-talking phone and the voice demonstrated was Daniel.
have had a look on their website and cannot find any information about this 
phone, so I have e-mailed them.  As I did this yesterday I am waiting for 
their reply.  Does anyone have anything to add about this phone and how it 
compares with others on the market?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes,

Clive Pallett


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