[access-uk] Re: cable type to connect my pc to my router

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  • Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 11:38:09 +0100

Most routers will connect to a PC via a straight through RJ45 cable.

All the networks I have set up work this way. You do not need a cross over one!!
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Subject: [access-uk] cable type to connect my pc to my router

At the moment my pc is connected to the router via usb.
I would like to modify this to a ethernet connection.
The cable is not provided with the router and I cannot be sure wich type of cable to buy.
I know it's an rj something but is it 11 or 12?
All I've been able to ascertain is that it is not an rj45 because that's the cable that joins the router to the phone plug.
I bet loads of you know the answer to this elementary question and I'm sure that after the frustrating fruitless searches I've done this morning I will remember it forever.
So please put me out of my misery!...

Cheers now,


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