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From: "Ray's Home"

Most books you will find in Waterstones or >whereever are abridged, and, as I've said before, >the CD versions are often more abridged than >the cassette ones!

Yes, I was thinking of waterstones and WHSmiths at the time of composing this. <smile> Also, audio CD's can be worse for this due to the fact they can't go any further then 80 minutes for each CD. This is why I feel the Daisy format should be used for audio books/spoken word titles.

>Something to be said for cassettes after all? >Well, if MP3 were to be used more then there >would be no need for that.

unabridged casettes, I can imagine will be so bulky due to the number of them needed to capture a full book recording that they'd be vertually impossible to carry, audio CD's wouldn't fare much better. MP3 files and Daisy Cd's I'd say are the only option for this.

Ah yes Kevin, but those unabridged books go very largely to public libraries. Of course you can buy them from the sources you mention, but most people find them prohibitively exspensive.


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