[access-uk] Re: access-uk] Re: BBC NEWS | Technology | Not long left for cassette tapes (I feel no pain)

  • From: "James O'Dell" <jamesodell@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 16:19:17 +0100

Hi Ray

I think you'll find that the prices on www.audiobookcollection.com for the Chivers unabridged titles are comparatively reasonable, not that much more than you'd pay for an abridged book in waterstones etc.

Re JAWS manuals, I think they should be available on cassette at no charge for people who want them, it seems crazy to me that someone who wants to do the JAWS basic training course and learn where the control key is, what a dialogue box is and so on has to start FS Reader and navigate their way through the File open dialogue box before they can get to the basic training. At the very least there should be a shortcut key that loads the basic training straight away, global hotkeys in FS reader would help as well. I don't find the Freedom Scientific daisy books particularly well-behaved outside FS reader anyway.

I agree I do like the DAISY format, it does address many of the problems with standard audio CDs. You can certainly get portable players although I haven't needed one myself yet. I think it would be good if someone made a portable DAISY player with a built-in AM/FM radio, I'm surprised no-one's done that yet.

Re soundings, they are thinking of distributing on CD for a small fee, so people who want it can really get it.


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