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The WRT300N seems to be one of the new breed of draft-N compatible routers 
(802.11n).  I would say that if you don't know what that is you probably don't 
have a need for it, quite apart from the fact that you would need other 
compatible adaptors in order to take advantage of the speed increase draft-N 
gives you.  If you have adaptors built into your present laptops or desktop 
machines they will probably run up to 802.11g which is fast enough for web 
browser and downloading stuff even though the wireless speed does not aproahc 
anything like that of a fixed wired network that draft-N does.

Draft-N is attractive to those kind of people who want to stream multiple audio 
or video accross the network and are willing to take the risk that draft-N will 
be improved and ratified, and then suplied as some kind of firmware upgrade for 
their kit.

I'd take the cheaper option unless you really plan on streaming media or if you 
have the money to burn and desire to have the fastest on the planet.


Tristram Llewellyn
Sight and Sound Technology
Technical Support

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  I had decided to buy a Linksys WRT 300N wireless rooter because it was 
recommended on this list as one that worked reasonably well and it was 
accessible to screen reading software.

  However a local computing shop suggested the Linksys WRT 54GC saying that 
this had all the facilities that a home user would need and that with the 300N 
I would be paying extra for a lot of facilities that I would not use (£26  as 
opposed to £60 odd). 

  Could anybody offer any advice please.

  Peter Bentley

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