[access-uk] Re: Windows Live Mail over taking outlook express

  • From: orhan deniz <orhan.deniz63@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 16:54:19 +0100

I personaly do that, but not every one is technically enclined to do that.

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  From: Dave Taylor
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  Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 8:28 AM
  Subject: [access-uk] Re: Windows Live Mail over taking outlook express

  Hi, if you want to use WL Mail with Jaws, I would highly recommend copying
  and renaming the outlook Express scripts. In my view they work better with
  WL Mail than the WL Mail ones. This is because the latter are based on the
  Outlook scripts, don't allow you to save changes, and therefore don't
  automatically read new messages. The Outlook Express scripts do allow you 
  save your preferences for such things and therefore give you more
  functionality than the existing WL Mail scripts. I have said before I 
  the WL Mail scripts should be scrapped in favour of something based on
  Outlook Express scripts.


  From: "orhan deniz" <orhan.deniz63@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:44 PM
  To: <blindtech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Subject:  [access-uk] Windows Live Mail over  taking outlook express

  Evening folks,
  Recently there have been some postings  to various blind technology lists
  about the Misconceptions about Windows Live mail. From what I understand,
  Live mail will only effect those using hotmail. This is because, people on
  Hotmail use the HTTP way of accessing E-mail. Microsoft, use a different
  protocol for Hotmail users to access their e-mail. For this reason, they
  have to switch to windows Live mail. Frankly, this was coming. New outlook
  express users could not use hotmail anymore with out paying for it, and
  Microsoft was slowly dropping the ball on outlook express. For those who 
  hotmail, you could use something that would use a pop3 or imap server. 
  includes but is not limited to, gmail and other free e-mail services.

  Now, Let me try and clear out some misconceptions in the blindness
  Firstly, windows Live mail is navigable with jaws, and probably 
  You can certainly use it, there some focus issues but apart from that, it 
  usable. Jaws9, does, indeed, have built-in scripts for WL mail. While not
  perfect, they are functionable.  a person can use most of the keystrokes 
  accomplish what they need to in WLM mail. Composition of messages is 
  straight forward, except for turning off the PC cursor.
  oh, BTW, you don't have indication of weather a message is read or unread.

  Now, my opinion.
  Yes, windows Live mail is usable to a certain degree with jaws 9 and maybe
  other screen readers, but I don't think it is perfect as well. I think we
  should make the gradual move to  it, and Notify screen reader vendors that
  this will be a key program in the future. outlook express is not!  and I
  mean not!!!  just gonna die now,and as you have seen, it only effects
  hotmail users. Plus, there are alternatives, for those Hotmail users.
  I would recommend that Hotmail users try out windows Live mail. Honestly,
  it's not that bad. Now, if you don't have jaws9 or what ever, there is
  alternative e-mail services, clients etc. Don't!,  Don't,! be     afraid 
  try out new things.
  For those people like me who don't use hotmail, but another e-mail 
  stick with outlook express, imho... because there are still bugs in 
  Live Mail.

  Kindest regards,

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