[access-uk] Re: Windows 7 and DVD RW

  • From: "Mike Moore" <mikeis@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 12:03:19 +0100


Thanks, I don't understand it, I have a 3.4Ghz Quad running Windows 7 home with 
4 Gb of ram and it is a Sony DVD rw, yet it is so slow.

Any suggestions?


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  Hi Mike,

  From closing the DVD drawer to seeing the initial screen from the DVD itself 
took 30 seconds exactly.  And I was running Outlook 2003 and Solitaire at the 
same time.  FWIW, my 64 bit Windows 7 Professional system has 3GB RAM, and a 
2.4 Ghz Intel Quad Processor.  It's Windows Experience Index rating is 5.8.


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  If someone has Windows 7 64bit, can they please try inserting a DVD movie and 
let me know what the seek time is before autoplay comes on.

  Mine is running about 5 minutes or so before Autoplay appears.

  Many thanks,


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