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all they need do is open the existing card readers that talk up to the visa
cards etc.  then they would work ok, as the card reader would talk other
than the card itself.


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Hi Edward,
As I thought. They will just allow us to continue using our normal Chip and
Pin cards. I reckon making this new Visa SureCard talks is tricky without
spending a lot of money on developing and manufacturing. If my bank decides
to let me carry on using my old Visa card I will probably understand their
decision. I would be somewhat disappointed though because this new system
sounds most advanced and secure as I said in an earlier post.

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Hi all,


I post below the reply I received from Visa Europe about Visa CodeSure.


For those of you who missed the thread, you can read more at






?Dear Edward,?


?Thank you for your enquiry about Visa CodeSure.?   


?We are acutely aware of the issues that people with a disability encounter
and we spend a lot of time discussing their needs when we?re developing new


?Equally we are constantly looking at innovative ways to deliver the most
secure payment products, however, not all will be suitable for everyone.?


?Visa CodeSure is currently ready for commercial launch having been piloted
in a number of markets, however, it is not intended for all bank customers.
As the authentication application (the keypad functionality on the payment
card) may not be accessible for all, a mobile applet is in development and
will be available through our members (banks and card issuing providers) for
customers who have accessibility problems.  It is important that customers
with accessibility / disability restrictions let their banks know so that
they can be provided with the most appropriate products that accommodate
their needs.?


?I hope that this goes some way to clarify our position.?


?Thank you for your interest.?


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