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I'm the wrong person to ask about RNIB, or Scotish Braille Press publications 
that matter.  They seem on the pricey side to me, but do bear in mind much of 
cost of any mag. is up-front, in actually producing the copy, though you'd have
thought Brailling must cost a fair bit.

I think particularly here on this sort of list, we must remember that likely 
of us now are getting info through websites, email lists, digests, podcasts and
the like.  I simply wouldn't look to RNIB for technical matter now.

I'm sure the same goes more and more for other areas of interest, like books,
politics, music and so on.  No end of magazines and newspapers you can subscribe
to on-line.  and many do.

If only a way of bringing down the cost of ownership of Braille displays could 
put in place, then those who prefer Braille  over speech access could be 
by web-based distribution.


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  I stopped subscribing to it, because the export price became very expensive, 
they took lots of articles from Access World, which is free. The other thing I
can't understand is why RNIB charges me the same price for braille as for 
email, I
could sort of understand that with braille it's the cost of paper and stuff, but
nearly 30 pounds a year, and quite a thin magazine, I just stopped. I prefer
Infotech magazine, because you can of course listen to a sort of review of the
product. Are there any other good technology newsletters around? There used to 
one called wyfiwyg, but it's also stopped.

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