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Hi Moti,
There are three issues here.
1) The maximum speed of your CD burner, which has an
influence the 2)
2) The maximum burning speed of the CDs themselves.  Not all
CDs can be burned at the same speed.
3) Nero's ability to decide what is the best speed.
You can reasonably assume that of you buy CD's which can be
burned at a higher speed than your CD burner is capable of,
they will usually be of a higher quality.  Hence it will do
no harm if you buy say 52 speed CDs.  However conversely, if
you try to burn at say 40 speed on to 32 speed CDs,
(assuming Nero allowed you to do this) then there would be a
risk of corruption.
Nero has an option (check box) to "Determine Maximum Speed"
when you burn a CD, where is self checks items 1 & 2 above,
and recommends the best speed for the job.


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        Hi friends,
        I'm using winxp professional, with a new pc, Jaws
        My question: What is the best or the recommended
speed to burn cd?
        I'm using Nero 6, ultra edition.
        I find there speed from 10x to 40x.
        Thanks much for any help.
        Moti Azrad
        Musician & Piano-Tuner

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