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  • Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 19:31:08 -0000

    Well, thank heaven I'm no teenager any more. Who exactly is Gerard Way
anyway? The Flash though, is really very good indeed. Good to see another
accessible example.
    The interface is simple, easy to use and consistent. I was able to
complete the quiz successfully and the experience was enjoyable. It's also a
more accessible quiz than I've seen built in HTML in many cases.




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Hi there. 

We're developing a simple Flash based quiz at present and have a basic
version on one of our test servers that I'd appreciate feedback on, if you
have a few moments to spare. 


It consists of 10 quick lifestyle questions in a row followed by results.
For test purposes, we're using a teenage girls quiz that originally appeared
on the BBC's Slink website. Don't let that put you off if you're not a
teenage girl! 

Feedback on its accessibility and your experiences of using it appreciated,
send to ouch@xxxxxxxxx 

Things to consider: 

A) was it logical and understandable? 
B) were you able to use it successfully? 
C) overall experience compared to other quizzes you've played online. 

[note: We're aware that this test version has the word 'undefined' in its
graphic alt text. We do have a way of changing it but can't access it today.
It has been thought of.] 

And if you're one of those people who previously has hated Flash, we'd be
especially interested in your thoughts. 

Happy for discussion to happen on list if other members are happy to bear it
and are interested. 


Damon Rose 
Senior Content Producer bbc.co.uk/ouch 
BBC Vision Learning 

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email: damon.rose@xxxxxxxxx 

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