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Hi Carol,

See from the subject line that you may be already an IOS user so if so I'd imagine that you'd have no problem doing the jump.

I very recently took the jump for the first time in to the tabblet world and bought an Android tablet through the good offices of Mo.

He customised it for me including of course enabling talkback.

You may need a sighted person showing you around the screen
for a start but I'm sure someone could talk you through anyway.

So far with a keyboard I have learnt the Recents in TuneIn, the internet radio being the main reason for buyintg the tablet whilst out and about.

I have an IT trainer coming in a couple of weeks so am confident of getting there with the technology and of course there are a number of good podcasts available too.

I'm finding it a bit of a challenge doing all of that swiping/tapping thing but practice and patience I guess will get us there.


Tony Sweeney
  On 02/11/2014 16:51, Carol.Pearson29@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
That's a very informative article, Steve.  Thanks for posting.
I do get tempted sometimes but feel that maybe the learning curve is a bit too much for me now. If you, or anyone else able, would like to conduct some lessons for newbies, I could be interested and get myself a reasonable, fairly inexpensive Android and give it a try!
Carol P

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    Hi all,

    For those who wanted more info about Android, this is a good
    article to read if you are on an iShiny and considering the jump.


    All the best



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