[access-uk] Recent court case about sending of unsolicited "spam" emails.

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You may have heard over the last couple of days about the court case taken
out by a chap who has won against a amrketting company sending spam emails.

The site is:


I've been onto this site and following the link dealing with this legal
contest, the following information comes up which I hope may be of use /
interest to all.

The link I followed is:


pbwiki :: spamlegalaction | FrontPage


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Fed up with spammers? Take them to court!

"Safeguards should be provided for subscribers against intrusion of their
privacy by unsolicited communications for direct marketing purposes in
by means of automated calling machine, telefaxes and email, including SMS
messages. These forms of unsolicited commercial communications may on the
hand be relatively cheap and easy to send and on the other may impose a
burden and/or cost on the recipient. Moreover, in some cases their volume
may also
cause difficulties for electronic communications networks and terminal
equipment. For such forms of unsolicited communications for direct
marketing, it
is justified to require that prior explicit consent of the recipients is
obtained before such communications are addressed to them."

Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 12th
July 2002

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? Press Release (27th Dec 2005)
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about how I used the European anti-spam law in an English court and ended
up with an agreed payment of £300 from an email marketing company who sent
unsolicied emails about contract car hire and "fax broadcasting".
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how you can fight back against spam and claim compensation from senders of
unsolicited email.
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Useful and interesting links

Press coverage

BBC Jersey story
The Guardian newspaper
The Scotsman newspaper

Other links

The Spamhaus Project
Channel Islands Domain Names (.JE and .GG)

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New Year.
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