[access-uk] Re: Recent court case about sending of unsolicited "spam" emails.

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I heard about this earleir this morning on the Today programme.  The bloke who 
took this to the small claims court got, I believe, £270 plus costs bringing it 
within the limit of claims that can be handled there.

I've tried going to the link you give but get a redirect blocked message asking 
me to waite for a second, although nothing happens thereafter.  Might try 
accessing it via various subpages from Google, as the message you have sent 
cotains a lot of exstranuous stuff in order to get to the meat.

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| Greetings,
| You may have heard over the last couple of days about the court case taken
| out by a chap who has won against a amrketting company sending spam emails.
| The site is:
| http://spamlegalaction.co.uk
| I've been onto this site and following the link dealing with this legal
| contest, the following information comes up which I hope may be of use /
| interest to all.

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