[access-uk] Re: Password-protecting cellphone contacts?

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  • Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 20:30:12 +0100

Ari, the best thing to do is to tell your phone to request a pin code each time 
you start it. That way, should the thieves steal your phone, they'd have no way 
to access it unless they know the pin code. I should warn you though, please 
change the default pin code to something you'll remember, otherwise the robbers 
may use the default pin code as a guess. However, if you fail to do that and 
you find your phone's stolen, immediately contact your network provider and 
they'll put a block on your sim upon request. Hope that helps.
Chris Hallsworth
BrailleNote mPower user
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      Hi all, 
  I've a Nokia 6600 phone with Mobile Speak. Does a software program exist 
which would somehow ask for a password or something if someone else wanted to 
see my contacts? Sorry if this sounds a bit paranoid, it's just that I'm going 
to a place where my phone might be at quite a high risk of being stolen or 
something, and I wouldn't like someone else to be able to get the numbers or 
details of all my contacts. 

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