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  • Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 05:04:19 +0100


I use a suite of tools called Auslogics Boost Speed to help with speeding up 
and optimising my system.  It contains 15 components including a disk 
defragmentation and cleaning programs , registry cleaning and registry 
defragmentation tool as well as a tweak manager, start-up and service managers, 
an internet speed optimiser and a few other useful and machine enhancing tools. 
 Its available from www.auslogics.com, most of the components can be used with 
jaws be it with the jaws cursor and after each successful cleaning operation or 
optimisation task, you can view an HTML report of the actions performed as well 
as undo any unwanted or unintended changes through its rescue centre.  Its only 
$29.95 and in my opinion given the price and the number of components included 
well worth the money.  Also, you might also want to consider upgrading the ram 
on your netbook as often than not they only come with 1GB as standard, some 
even less.  An extra 1GB can speed up the machine significantly in practically 
all areas and memory upgrades are generally extremely cheap to come by as well 
as easy to install.

I hope this helps you and feel free to ask for my assistance which I will be 
more than happy to provide.

All the best, Ibrahim.

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  I have a Dell Mini9 netbook and it works well. However I'm finding it is a 
bit slow in getting booted up and am wondering if anyone has found a way of 
speeding up their netbook - it must be a problem for most as the processor is 
not all that fast and when you load in Jaws and AVG anti virus (or any other 
virus/firewall/spam program), then connecting to a network can slow things down 
quite badly. 
  Also are there things one can do to ensure faster responses, etc. like 
maximising memory , tweaking WindowsXP and swap files?
  Thanks for any enlightenment.
  Gordon McFarlane

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