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Hi all,
Picked this up from another list.  


~ For immediate release - full distribution ~

YouSearched.Com is proud to unveil the world's first search engine designed
to be FULLY ACCESSIBLE for people with disabilities.  Search is the second
most used application on the Internet after Email but people with
disabilities have not been able to fully utilize the capabilities of search
engines.  YouSearched.Com changes that.

"The team at YouSearched.Com believe individuals using the Internet who are
disabled, who are blind, who have difficulties distinguishing colours, have
low vision, suffer tremors, or varying degrees of paralysis, and others
living with disabilities, are as important as any other user", says
YouSearched.Com founder Khalid Karrar.  " Without meaning to, all other
search engines present roadblocks for people with disabilities."

Designing an ACCESSIBLE SEARCH ENGINE means ensuring that anyone using
screen readers or refreshable Braille devices, people who cannot view
images or those not using pointing devices, for example, will be able to
fully operate YouSearched.Com with ease.

YouSearched.Com is also helpful for web users who have various technical
obstacles to overcome.  An example is that many people, especially in the
developing world use text-only web browsers to conserve bandwidth. It is
also common for scripting to be disabled in security conscious corporate
environments.  In both circumstances, accessibility becomes a priority and
allows the users to fully experience the website.

YouSearched.Com conforms to the highest standards set by the following
accessibility guidelines:

   a.. Awarded the prestigious See it Right Accessible Website logo
provided by the Royal National Institute of the Blind (UK); the highest
standard of accessibility certification.
   b.. Priorities 1, 2 and 3 of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web
Content Accessibility Guidelines.  We have achieved the AAA

   c.. The United States Federal Government Section 508 Guidelines.

   d.. The Bobby Guidelines, to the AAA standard.

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