[access-uk] More on Accessability, re: learn direct!

  • From: "Christine Weetman" <goatmum@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "access uk" <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 20:48:42 +0100

Hi all, well its been such a long time now since all this started, but Still it 
goes on, here is a copy of yet more "Fobb-Off" from RNIB.  So Where do I go now?
Christine W.
Hi I received your email.  It is difficult for me as learn Direct pay my staff 
directly for project work so I can't out that at risk as that puts staff's
jobs at risk,  However, I can call you at some point.  .  They may be saying it 
is impossible because they cannot get hold of an audio player though as
I seem to remember you have your own copy of Ease Reader as well as having a 
Plextalk - is that right?

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    From: Christine Weetman [mailto:goatmum@xxxxxxx]
    Sent: Thu 03/05/2007 01:00
    To: Margaret Uffendell
    Subject: Re: IT Course

    Hi, Just incase you didn't receive the reply I sent to your most recent
    email I am resending it below,  Thanks, Christine W.
    Sure, I wish, but I can't Make Learn Direct, so now May we take action?  Or
    better still, Can we sort it?

    They offered me the new trial after Easter, but When after Easter just isn't
    good enough.  I have to sit back and accept this is the way the goverment
    treats VI people for I can't find any backup support and I have tired from
    Begging help with no outcome.

    If you Can help I would be Pleased to hear from you, I said previously I
    wouldd take it to the courts, but I would need backup for that.  Learn
    direct state the law only says "Where Possible" and it isn't possible yet,
    also stated in law is "Doing their Best to resolve the issue" I know this
    isn't true, for I have been nagging them and trying to do a learn direct
    course for 4 years now without any success.   Learn direct also told me if I
    could find another course I would like to try via their website they would
    certainly oblige.  I asked which were accessable and was told I would have
    to select one I would like to do and ask about it.  Then it turns out, I am
    informed (in the same telephone conversation) "I don't think there are any
    for Visually impaired people, sorry about that".

    So What do you think about That?

    Yours disgusted with the way VI people are treated.  Christine W.-----
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    From: "Margaret Uffendell" <

    To: <

    Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 6:20 PM
    Subject: IT Course

    Hi Christine

    I just wondered how you are and what had happened about your IT course.  Are
    you still going to do it?

    Margaret Uffendell

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