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  • Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 09:44:00 -0000

Hi Listers

I promised to report back to the group when I had something new to tell you 
about the saga of Internet radio, and more specifically, the device I was 
hoping to allow TNAUK, or Sound Talking, to let me try out.

Well the Orion Webbox arrived yesterday for me to try out.  I have it on the 
basis I can write a review, which Ted Davis needs to sanction before it is 
published.  Nevertheless, I certainly intend to make it fair and honest, as 

But my initial thoughts are these.  The box itself is flat, with a speaker on 
the top and five small round buttons, as well as a rotary volume/pause  
control.  All the relevant sockets, including mains, phonos and RJ45 connection 
are on the back.

When you turn on the Webbox, the lady from Solutions Radio, where the box is 
manufactured in Holland, announces the unit and offers a menu.  This menu is 
full of TNAUK, RNIB, Calibre and other publication choices, but also local 
radio stations and national radio stations.  Of course, I made a beeline for 
these.  On this trial unit, there are lots of national BBC stations that you 
would expect to find on DAB or FM/MW, but some extras.  Local radio stations 
include a selection from around the country.  To be honest, if I was buying the 
radio, I would want its memory filled to capacity with as many stations as 

The radio, in simple terms, is easy to operate.  You go into menus, select what 
you want, and press the back key to get out of them and return to the previous 

Based on what I've seen so far, there is an awful lot of work still to do.  
It's very TNAUK/RNIB/Calibre oriented, and that does worry me considerably.  I 
can see why a lot of people would like to have the entire collection of 
subscription titles from TNAUK on there, as well as a variety of RNIB or 
Calibre books.  But I think the radio side of it - which is my primary interest 
- will lag behind.  Firstly, all stations are tagged, and we know what that 
means in terms of future-proof continuity.  If you want a station included, Ted 
has assured me it can be added, but I have grave reservations about that in the 
long term.

So folks, while I'm still exploring, and want to write something fair and 
constructive for publication, my advice is hang onto your dosh for now if you 
want more of a radio than a DAISY player full of books and magazines.


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