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  • Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 15:29:25 -0000

Many thanks Ian, that is much appreciated.


I did do a lot of what you said with my friend but the focus blue didn't
show up in the list of devices when I tried to pair them up.


I'll try again and many thanks.




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Yes. Bluetooth needs to be on in both devices and the Blue needs to be in
whatever setting allows it to pair.  Then on the iPod go to
settings/general/accessibility/voiceover/Braille and the blue should be
listed in the devices list towards the bottom of the screen.  Double tap for
the pairing to be made. It may be necessary to enter a PIN code which should
be in the manual for the blue.  

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On 26 Nov 2014, at 15:21, Sharon Bowell <sharon.bowell@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:




Asking on behalf of a friend.  Is it possible to pair up a focus blue and
ipod, the latest model, so he can read with the kindle app in Braille.


If so, how is this done.






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