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Thanks Gordon. I have finally made up my mind and am going for an Asus. The 
thing that swayed it was its long battery life - up to eight hours and the 
reviews say it really does give that. The Del sounds a good buy too though.


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  Hi Barbara
  I posted the details of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9.
  Here's a copy of what I posted elsewhere in response to a question:
  My memory (not the computer's) is poor here but I'm fairly certain that the 
computer memory is the same -1gb of ram memory. The main difference is the 
storage memory - yes, the Samsung netbook has 160gb or so of hard disk space, 
whereas the Dell comes with the new solid state storage memory, either 8gb or 
16gb. The idea is that most people's programs are able to exist on under 8gb of 
storage space and you use external hard disks, flash cards orUSB keys to keep 
the data on. The good thing is that with solid state there are no moving parts, 
as with a hard disk and of course it then probably uses less batteries and is 
pretty well silent.
  As I said in my earlier post it depends on what someone wants out of the 
Netbook - I wanted the smallest size and weight, others may wish storage and a 
larger screen. The keyboard is a bit cramped but perfectly workable after a few 
minutes if you're a touch typist.
  It certainly appears to work well with Jaws and so far I can find nothing 
wrong with it.
  In my last post I think I said it had a 3 cell battery - it appears to have a 
4 cell one. There must be some trade off against the Samsung's 6 cell battery, 
because the Dell has no Hard Disk to power.
  Concerning your last question - I don't know about UMPC - I think it's just 
terminology - they both seem to be classed overall as Netbooks.
  If you've any other queries please get in touch with me on or off list - I 
probably won't be able to reply until Friday as I'm a bit pushed today.
  I bought the Mini 9 last Saturday and am still getting to grips with it. It 
appears to work well. Yes, I would have liked more storage space, but all my 
programs can exist on the solid state memory and it appears pretty fast at 
accessing them. Also it's dead easy to have a flash,USB or external drive with 
your data. If you need more program space then I suppost you could constantly 
keep a fast SD card in the card reader and install to that.
  Size and weight are important for me - that's why the Samsung wasn't for me, 
althoughthe features are probably slightly better in some areas. The keyboard, 
I'm now getting used to - it works for me, touchtyping - the lack of function 
keys is not a problem as there are shortkey workarounds. OK not as handy as 
having the keys themselves, but losing them make the size and weight better.
  Hope some of this helps.
  Gordon McFarlane

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