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Hi Andy

I'm not entirely sure that being able to enter details of the recordings you 
wish to make is going to work as my Wife never uses the feature - if indeed 
it's available at all.

I suggest you contact panasonic on their customer service line and ask them 
your questions. I found them very helpful.

the number is:

0844.844 3852

 However, there's nothing better than having a demonstration in your local 

Furthermore, at the end of entering the programme details, there are several 
other fields in which you have to enter the options you want to switch on or 
off for the recordings, i.e. AD or not, subtitles or not, SP LP OR EP, etc. 
Then you have to tell the box whether or not you want to record the series.

Finally, the point I was making about where the AD is put on the DVD was that 
the AD is added by the box onto the audio track and so can't bbe removed 
afterwards. But that's probably not important to the average VI user.

Steve  Green

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  Hi Steve -

  I understand that the EPG on-screen make recording non-accessible, but if you 
know when a programme is scheduled, can't you learn the steps using the remote, 
that will select the day, channel, and start and end times? I could do that 
with the Toshiba I briefly looked at.

  Does the machine you bought record the AD track then with tV programmes? I 
think most AD tracks are added to TV programmes, not part of the original sound 
mix? -

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    Hi Andy

    I know that the latest panasonic dvd/hd recorders have AD as I bought one 
before Christmas.

    However, they are not accessible.

    I would check with panasonic themselves as to which models will record AD. 
I would guess that the AD would be mixed with the normal soundtrack, not on a 
seperate track like commercial DVD's. You may be able to get a demo at your 
local department store or similar, which would give you information as to the 
accessibility, but since recordings are programmed via a electronic program 
guide, I'm pretty sure that it will be inaccessible.

    Also the facilities on the panasonic recorders is not good - for example, 
it can only record one program at a time unlike most freeview + machines.


    Steve Green

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      Hi all -

      Is it common these days for DVD recorders to have Freeview builtin? If 
so, is it likely that if I go for a Sony or Panasonic model, to have AD too.

      Thanks for any help -



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