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Cheers Steve, will give that a go. No rogue toolbars so far as I'm aware, but 
those things are so damn crafty about getting onto your system you just never 

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  I don't know the answer, but in IE, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced 
then Reset.  This will reset IE back to defaults but you won't lose anything.


  Could be a rogue add-in.  Do you have the Google Toolbar or any of that 
rubbish going?


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  Hi List.


  Over the weekend this problem started and now its really getting on my wick!


  Each and every time I try a search using Google, IE11 is crashing, and this 
coincides with JAWS 14 losing speech! 


  I enter my search text, but the minute I hit enter to start the search, IE11 
crashes and JAWS speech disappears.


  If I wait for about 40 seconds or so, JAWS will come back to tell me that 
IE11 has had a problem and that I need to close the program. I do this, and IE 
comes back with my search in focus and the results available. 


  I haven't messed about with any IE or Google settings, and so far as I can 
tell, this behaviour has just started happening for no good reason.


  I suppose I could try a system restore, but I thought I'd ask here first to 
see if anyone had an inkling as to what the problem might be.






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